Case Studies

Southdown Duvets

Southdown Duvets is a fully functioning e-commerce website built on the popular and secure Magento platform.
We were charged with the task of building a site to present and sell a niche high-quality product. The website needed to present all of the product related information in an easy-to-digest and search-engine friendly way, as well as processing payments.
Design Philosophy
Ease of use was key to every aspect of the design process, whether it be in creating the omnipresent navigational bar or the fully integrated product search bar.
The website is fast, user-friendly and secure - and it has been an instant success in terms of sales.

The Sport Review

Online Media
The Sport Review is a UK-based independent sports website offering its own take on the country's most popular sports.
The website is build on Wordpress, the open-source publishing software that powers some of the internet's most popular websites.
Being an online media site, The Sport Review must be able to cope with sudden spikes in traffic with no problems. A super-fast user experience comes thanks to state-of-the-art caching and page deployment.
Modern Look
People want their news to be up to date and to reflect this we gave the site a very modern look.
"Our ongoing relationship with SQUARElogic enables us to keep up with the rapidly-developing new media market. They have helped us expand our site from a simple blog to a website serving tens of thousands of readers a week."

Ed Waite

Personal Site
This is the personal website and blog of UK freeskier Ed Waite.
Media Gallery
While Ed's blog is regularly updated with his latest news from the Alps, the rest of his website is designed to inform readers of his latest achievements and offer information for potential new sponsors.
Messy But Clean
Ed wanted a modern-looking site that accurately encapuslated his profession and we feel our edgy, high-contrast design has delivered just that.
Integrated Blog
Part of the brief for this project was that the website should include a separate 'blog' section, so we produced a separate Wordpress site to be updated and managaged separately by Ed.
"I was delighed with SQUARElogic's design services. They delivered exactly what I was after, to budget and on time."

Festival Adventures

Travel agency
Festival Adventures is a travel agency specialising in fully catered trips to some of Europe's most popular festivals, including the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona.
Dynamic content
Featuring the latest information on the packages offered to the various festivals, the site is updatable to display the latest prices and availability.
The site uses bright colours in order to attempt to convey some of the vibrance of the the events on offer.
Online bookings
Central to the site's functionality is the online booking system, where customers can make enquiries and send payments via Paypal.
"SQUARElogic have helped us make the transition onto the internet very straightforward and their after sales care is excellent."