SQUARElogic is a website design company based in London. We have one basic objective: to make web design simple.

We like to keep things simple...

The Internet has come a long way since it first emerged. But along with it, complicated websites with complex designs have become the norm.

And whilst everyone wants a good-looking site, it's too often the case that content is impaired by a website's over-complicated structure.

From our experience, simple, clearly designed and easy-to-use sites are the most effective at portraying a professional image, and more importantly, generating sales. In fact, Google's homepage is an great example of success built from simplicity.

"Square Logic built us an extremely well-designed and easy to use website, with a very good after-sales service. We have received many direct bookings as a result."

Debbie Bray - Chalet Kammleitn

We make things simple for you too. We filter out the jargon that's often associated with the net, so you can sit back and relax as the website you were dreaming of takes shape.

Put simply, when you choose Square Logic you'll be ensuring that your business gets the website it deserves.

About Us

Hayden Crocker
Graphic designer
Martin has been involved in web design since his Gap Year in 2005 on a freelance basis.
Email: martin[at]squarelogic.co.uk
Twitter: @martincap
Hayden Crocker
Hayden is our lead developer. He is responsible for making things work. Dataflow, transactions, emails, user management.
Email: hayden[at]squarelogic.co.uk
Twitter: @haydencrocker

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